Our Mission

The Georgia Social Impact Map is an initiative of the Georgia Social Impact Collaborative (GSIC), which was formed by a group of community leaders committed to developing a stronger ecosystem of impact investing in Georgia.

By bringing together our region’s leaders, representing all sectors of our social fabric, we envision an energetic and dynamic network that raises up our social impact ecosystem.

In order to unlock our region’s resources and develop networks of collaboration, GSIC will construct a comprehensive map of our resources, relationships, and gaps to create a dynamic tool for anyone seeking to engage in impact investing in Georgia:

  • Identify the region’s resources, gaps and key players engaged in or interested in social impact;
  • Communicate and connect businesses and investors to nonprofits and social entrepreneurs;
  • Educate all interested parties on impact investing;
  • Expand and Cultivate the pipeline of investable opportunities for all types of investors;
  • Accelerate the deployment of capital from private sector, philanthropic and public sources;
  • Live On to serve as a dynamic and iterative community resource that connects capital to causes.